Danny Dog is a supporting character in Peppa Pig. He is part of the dog family with others such as Mummy Dog, Captain Dog and Granddad Dog.

BioEdit Edit

Danny is one of Peppa's friends. He is the son of Captain Dog and Mummy Dog. His grandfather is Granddad Dog

Personality Edit

An exciteful and energetic little boy who loves pirates and anything to do with the sea - most likely following the footsteps of both his father and granddad, he also likes biscuits.

Appearance Edit

A pale brown dog with black nose, dull red cheeks, and brown lips. He wears black shoes and a bright purple outfit.

Quotes Edit

"Woof Woof!"


"Woof Woof! To the rescue!"

"Hello everyone!"

"Why are you not talking, Peppa?" -Chatterbox

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