Freddy Fox is a friend of Peppa Pig who appeared in Season 3. 

Bio Edit

He attends Playgroup with Peppa and their other friends. His father, Mr. Fox owns a shop, while his mom, Mummy Fox works at the Hospital.

Personality Edit

Freddy is an exciteful young fox who loves to play with the others. He has a great nose and can smell all sorts of things, and enjoys getting to show this off. He is proud of his fathers Shop and often brings it up.

Appearance Edit

Freddy is an orange fox with a black nose, pink cheeks, and dark pink lips. He has a large, white tipped tail and wears dull red with a pair of black shoes.

Other Outfits Edit

Quotes Edit

"Foxes Good Hunting For Eggs "Hello Peppa!"

"Hello everyone!"

Trivia Edit

  • Freddy really likes eggs and tries to eat them at any chance he gets them.
    • This running gag sometimes occurs when there is a baby animal inside the egg. This could prove that people, or solely foxes, can eat meat in the show.